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The goal of Claire Durrant's Calpe Chavutti, Sports Massage & Training
is to help every client reach and maintain their health objectives. My aim is to help you feel physically and mentally comfortable in your own skin, injury and ache free, proud of your achievements and happy with your body!
Here are a few details and some excellent reasons for incorporating massage and exercise into your everyday life:
Chavutti Thirumal:
(Indian Rope massage by foot pressure)
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chavutti massage
Chavutti Thirumal - probably the most unusual treatment anyone could ever receive!
Chavutti Thirumal is an Indian massage therapy, several thousands of years old, and literally means 'massage by foot pressure'. It is given entirely with the feet and the practitioner uses a rope for balance, with one foot on the body and one on the floor at all times. It originated alongside traditional Indian martial arts, dancing and yoga, and was developed for maintaining and improving suppleness, and treating pain and swelling caused by combat. Chavutti is equally suitable for those not involved in sport or exercise, as it is an incredibly relaxing treatment in which the whole body is deeply massaged with long sweeping strokes. Chavutti is completely holistic and pampering and leaves the client uplifted and energised aswell as treating muscle tightness and pain. This treatment is also the perfect complement to therapies such as acupuncture and osteopathy. 
Chavutti Thirumal:
* Encourages muscle tone
* Releases muscle tension
* Improves circulation and energy flow
* Stimulates lymphatic drainage
* Combats water retention
Deep tissue massage:
* Aids recovery from injury
* Relieves muscle tension and soreness
* Relieves stress and its resulting muscle tightness
* Releases adhesions ( 'knots' )
* Improves flow of blood and lymph
* Improves flexibility
* Improves mobility in areas affected by repetitive strain injury eg tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome
* Reduces swelling
Regular exercise:
* Helps you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight
* Strengthens muscles, bones and joints
* Gives you energy
* Lowers blood pressure
* Reduces stress and increases release of happy hormones (endorphins)
* Boosts metabolism and Improves your body's ability to utilise nutrition
* Helps you sleep better
* Decreases risk of heart disease, stroke, some cancers & type  II diabetes