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About Me
My name is Claire Durrant and I am an experienced Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist. Over the years I have helped many people improve their health, achieve their goals, and recover from injury. Recently I also qualified to give Chavutti Thirumal Indian Rope Massage by foot pressure-probably the most unusual treatment you will ever try. Chavutti leaves recipients energised, grounded and feeling very positive aswell as working the entire body from the tips of your fingers to your toes. Please visit the Guestbook for client testimonials.
I qualified as a Personal Trainer (Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3) in the UK in 2004 and my subsequent work, often with clients who had health issues, led me to further my knowledge with the study of Sports Massage Therapy. These two skills go hand in hand - imagine for a moment an injury incurred by the new demands placed on the body when someone takes up a new hobby or sport. This individual doesn't want to give up their pastime, but it is causing the body pain. Massage can often address the injury, helping the body to heal itself, and later Personal Training sessions can teach this individual how to strengthen the area to avoid a repeat the problem. Massage is not only for the sporty types among us, it is also a wonderful way to treat yourself and help keep your body in balance. My recent work with Chavutti Thirumal has shown me the gains to be had from also rebalancing our vital energy.
Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy - Premier Training Int.
Personal Training & Advanced Instruction - FutureFit Training/ University of East London
Nutrition & Weight Management - FutureFit training/ University of East London
Circuit Training - FutureFit Training
Applied Nutrition - FutureFit Training
Torso Training & Core Stability - FutureFit Training
Chavutti Thirumal Indian Rope Massage by foot pressure - Helen Noakes
Call me on 608 440 721 for further information.